Dolphin Network is an Internet enterprise renowned for its robust software development capabilities and technological innovation. The company’s main business not only encompasses the development and operation of web application platforms and mobile distribution platforms but also actively explores new high-tech ventures. These include the application of AI Artificial Intelligence technology, Big Data Intelligent Analysis, Web3.0 technology, and VR/AR technology. We consistently prioritize user needs, drive continuous innovation, and provide quality service as our core principles. Through these efforts, we relentlessly promote industrial development and technological progress, making significant contributions to the prosperity and development of the Internet industry.

Innovative Strategies

Whistle Video Blog is an eco-level short video social application, which adopts advanced technology architecture and innovative business model for operation, not only integrating short video, live broadcast,social, IM, mall and other special features, but also adding multiple payment and small program interfaces. It aims to provide our users and partners with a more vivid interactive experience and a richer business ecology

  •  Reconfiguring Functionality and Business Ecology
  •  NFT technology applications and copyright protection
  •  ZK Technology Applications and Privacy Protection
  •  Web3.0 and asset management
  •  AI Intelligent Recognition and Regulatory Management

Showme: The short video module provides a variety of functions such as shooting, editing, soundtrack,

Liveshow:The live broadcast module enables viewers to interact and communicate with the anchor in

IM is the abbreviation of Instant Messaging (Instant Messaging), which is a way to realize real-time

Paywave:The Flash Pay module is developed using the most advanced blockchain Web 3.0

Featured Functions

Assertively re-engineer effective technologies for custome
capital. Enthusiastically strategiz.

Market size

The global new media market size reached USD 1.5 trillion in 2022, representing a year-on-year growth of 10.8%. Among them, the Asia-Pacific region has the largest market size, accounting for 42.9% of the world, while the European and North American markets account for 27.4% and 21.3%, respectively, showing a rapid growth trend.

Business opportunity

With the development of global 5G network and the popularization of mobile devices, the mobility of new media has become a trend, especially driven by the short video industry, the market scale and user groups are growing rapidly, although there are already some excellent companies and products in the industry, we still have a lot of market space for development and competition through technological innovation, functional upgrades, and the establishment of ecology, and the potential for our future development is very great.

Competitive landscape

The competitive landscape of the new media market consists of several major categories of companies: social media platforms, short video platforms, search engines, news and information platforms, and so on. In terms of social media platforms, international giants such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram dominate the market. In China, social media platforms such as WeChat, Weibo and QQ also have a huge user base and market share. In addition, short video platforms such as Jittery, Shutter and TikTok have become a major force in the new media market. Different types of companies have different strengths and weaknesses in different areas.

Corporate Vision

Whistle aims to be a leading global platform for digital content exchange and creation. We provide users with high-quality, diverse content to drive information dissemination and social interaction. Our goal is to create an open, inclusive, and innovative digital community. Through technological innovation and a robust business ecosystem, we enhance user engagement, making Whistle the preferred digital media interaction platform. Additionally, we offer effective marketing and monetization opportunities for advertisers and content creators, ensuring sustainable development.

Cooperation Opportunities

Assertively re-engineer effective technologies for custome
capital. Enthusiastically strategiz.

Lower development costs
Fuller ecological empowerment
Enhanced user experience
More exposure
Higher frequency of use
Better user retention

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